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Rebate Programs

Select communities are eligible to receive a rebate for the installation of rain barrels!

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Install A Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a modified barrel that stores rainwater collected from a roof.  The barrel is hooked up to the gutter and downspout and helps reduce drinking water usage, stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution.

Install A Rain Garden

Rain Gardens are designed to collect water primarily from roof tops, but also from driveways and patios.   They look like regular flower gardens, but when it rains, a rain garden will hold a few inches of water and allow it to slowly filter in to the ground instead of running into storm drains, streams and gullies.  They also provide wildlife habitat and add beautiful flowers to your yard and neighborhood.



Upcoming Workshops

Join the New Jersey Water Supply Authority for an Educational Opportunity.  Check our Calendar for upcoming Rain Garden and Rain Barrel Workshops!