The Raritan Basin Watershed Management Plan and the Raritan Basin Watershed Alliance 

The Confluence of the Raritan and Millstone Rivers

The Confluence of the Raritan and Millstone Rivers

Raritan River Watershed Management Plan

The Raritan Basin Watershed Management Plan (Raritan Plan) was developed by stakeholder participants from the Raritan River Basin, including the North & South Branch Raritan Watershed Management Area (WMA 8), the Lower Raritan WMA (WMA 9) and the Millstone River WMA (WMA 10).

Raritan Basin Portrait of a Watershed

Executive Summary

The Raritan River Watershed Alliance

The alliance is an unincorporated coalition of interests that play major roles in water resources management in the region.  It seeks to foster implementation of the Raritan basin watershed management plan, completed in early 2003 as a comprehensive approach affecting the 1100 square mile Raritan river basin (see enclosed summary).  The Raritan plan identified six key issues that must be addressed if the region’s water resources are to be restored and protected: 

  • surface water pollution,
  • stormwater management,
  • ground water recharge losses,
  • riparian area (stream corridor) losses,
  • biological impairment of streams, and
  • water supply limitations.

Formed in late 2003, the Alliance’s major functions are:

  • Create public and official support for Plan implementation
  • Create coalitions/partnerships for Plan implementation and assist with acquisition of financial and other resources where requested
  • Encourage and support implementation efforts and assist with project planning
  • Keep the Raritan Plan current and continually improving
  • Maintain and enhance technical knowledge and capabilities of the Basin and ensure dissemination to those who need it 

For more information please contact: 

NJWSA Watershed Protection Programs, 908-730-0270